It is amazing to observe the beauty of our world. The oceans, the mountains, the plants, the animals, and the stars all bring wonderment when the time is taken to ponder their greatness. During the precious moments enjoying what this Earth offers, one must eventually ask, "From where did it all come?"

The existence of God is a subject that has occupied schools of philosophy and theology for thousands of years. Most of the time, these debates have revolved around all kinds of assumptions and definitions. Philosophers will spend a lifetime arguing about the meaning of a word and never really get there. One is reminded of the college student who was asked how his philosophy class was going. He replied that they had not done much because when the teacher tried to call roll, the kids kept arguing about whether they existed or not.

Most of us who live and work in the real world do not concern ourselves with such activities. We realize that such discussions may have value and interest in the academic world, but the stress and pressure of day-to-day life forces us to deal with a very pragmatic way of making decisions. If I ask you to prove to me that you have $2.00, you would show it to me. Even in more abstract things we use common sense and practical reasoning. If I ask you whether a certain person is honest or not, you do not flood the air with dissertations on the relative nature of honesty; you would give me evidence one way or the other. The techniques of much of the philosophical arguments that go on would eliminate most of engineering and technology if they were applied in those fields.

Everyday everything becomes more of something. An idea combines with another idea becoming an intelligence. Intelligence grows off itself and sometimes learns new ideas, becoming more of something. Some forms of intelligence, in great amounts, turn into energy in all its forms. Some forms of energy have mass, demonstrated by lights ability to be affected by gravity. Large amounts of energy in mass form are the building blocks of tangible matter.

Is there any scientific proof of God?

Before we can discuss the existence of scientific proof of God, we need to identify what we mean by proof. Also, to know what type of evidence supporting the existence of God would be considered by science, we also need to know which definition of science applies.

The definition of science has changed within the last century from an overall search for truth to a more limited scope of natural explanations of natural processes. Using the current narrow scope definition, there is not any scientific proof of God. The truth or untruth of this statement is not based upon evidence or lack of evidence, but by definition alone. Even though there is extensive, solid evidence for God’ s existence, none of that evidence would be admissible in the science court of law using the current definition.

Consequently, to know what evidence really supports the existence of God, we need to base our statements on the old classic definition of science to eliminate the disqualification of the evidence

Scientific Proof of God – The Evidence
What evidence exists that could prove the existence or non-existence of God? Does God exist?

First, the non-existence of God cannot be proven. One cannot prove a universal negative.

The concept, design, and intricate details of our world necessitate an intelligent designer

Where Did the Universe Come From?

Was it started by… God?

(Or might science perhaps provide us with a more reasonable, natural explanation?)

The battle of creationist versus evolutionist will go on for a long time. I say this with confidence because most people are narrow minded and unbending in their beliefes. Most are unwilling to give honest consideration to new truths and to proud to accept that others might have part of the truth. Mankind is stuck in a pack mentality. My church is more right than yours. My training is better than yours. My fathers traditions are better than your fathers. Because of the pride and selfishness of mankind as a whole, we are all denied knowing many great truths. Mankind has made great progress, but has a long ways to go to grow up.(the vidos below show this)Perhaps The reality is that both creation and evolution exist


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